To nurture each child's full potential and develop each student to become lifelong learners and global citizens.


Early Learning Village will provide the finest early education through continuous innovation and blending the best global practices in our curriculum

“The unpredictability of the future means absolutely nothing to the dreams of an ambitious positive mind.”


Early Learning Village is a community that celebrates childhood and learning. We believe that development in a child’s early years is crucial for lifelong well-being and success.

Play is an integral part of the curriculum and has a purpose. We value it  as an important and valuable learning experience aimed to develop knowledge, skills and understanding. 

We believe each child is unique and can develop into a competent learner through personalized and collaborative learning opportunities. We aim to provide a stimulating, caring and happy environment which caters to children’s learning, as well as their social and emotional needs.

We are committed to give young learners the best possible start to their school life at ELV.

Let your child cultivate a love for learning in a global educational environment.

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