Parental Involvement

When children join ELV, their family becomes a part of our community. 

Participation from family members promotes ideal learning situation for children and helps make our program successful. We r at ELV and create engagement opportunities for families to join children and teachers in the classrooms. 

Family members can participate by telling stories, baking cookies, or lending a hand in a playhouse project.  We value their unique perspective, voice and experience. Families getting involved in classrooms fill children with pride and appreciation for learning. It creates a culture of learning, growing and bonding at ELV.

To help nurture the community, a special group at ELV facilitates parent workshops and seminars, campus events and projects throughout the year. 

When we welcome your child to ELV, we also extend an invite to you, to be a valuable resource and an active contributing member at the school.

Let your child cultivate a love for learning in a global educational environment.

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