Programs at a Glance

Adult & Child Program

Our Adult and Child Program allows one family member to be present while the child develops a love for learning in an informal educational setting.

A child usually finds the first day of school an extremely overwhelming experience. However, our Adult & Child Program helps to ease this transition. Children experience the joy of school life with their parents and develop a special relationship through a variety of fun, well-thought out and engaging activities.

Our Adult and Child programs allows you and your child to develop a special relationship through a variety of fun, well thought out and engaging activities

Our Preschool programs Early Years 1 and Early Years 2 allow your child to learn at their own pace, discover their passion  and be creative.

Early Years Program

Our EY 1 classroom is a unique space for 2-3 year olds, after which they move on to EY 2 which caters to the needs of children who are 3 years and above. The individual pace at which each student learns is respected and the classroom progresses keeping every child in mind.

The curriculum is guided by International Early Years Curriculum and based around play, as this is a vital part of children's development and learning. Children develop holistically by participating in various centers in our classrooms such as STEM, role play, writing, cooking, construction, investigation and sand and water activities.

Let your child cultivate a love for learning in a global educational environment.

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